Monday, May 9, 2011


James magically organized 40 of his closest friends to hit up a Mets game this past Saturday. We started tailgaiting around 5pm and the game started at 7pm. It was a fun game against my boys the LA Dodgers. I felt very torn not being able to find my Dodger hat and ended up in Mets merch sitting quietly in my seat knowing I could either room for the Dodger's and get strange looks or be disowned by my friends back home, and cheer on the Mets. I sat quiet. Haha. I went to the Mets/Dodgers game last season and its always super fun since there are a few old school loyal Booklyn Dodger ( fans out there.

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Nikki said...

You can take the Girl out of California But you can't take the California out of the Girl,,,
That Blond Hair SCREAMS "California"

Luv Ya Nikki