Friday, June 17, 2011

20 Lies New Yorkers Tell Tourists

20 Lies New Yorkers Tell Tourists

by: Gothamist

■"You're required by law to give a cigarette to anyone who requests one."

■"You pay for a Metrocard by putting your credit card into the slot at

the turnstiles."

■"That I Heart New York shirt makes you look like one of us!"

■"The Applebees in Times Square is a great place to pick up women."

■"Manhattan ends at 125th Street."

■"Little Italy is full of authentic Italian stuff."

■"Don't forget to tip your subway train conductor."

■"The NYU campus is famous for its beautiful architecture."

■"When you hear the bells of St. Patrick's ring, you should fire your

gun in the air."

■"You pronounce Houston Street like the city in Texas."

■"You can't have the real New York Experience until you've been to

Madam Tussaud's."

■"Yeah, the line to the Empire State Building is pretty reasonable."

■"It's no big deal to eat on the subway."

■"Cops never troll Central Park looking for bikers to ticket."

■"Serendipity is definitely worth the wait."

■"I live in Woody Allen's old apartment."

■"The only open cabs are the ones WITHOUT the lights on."

■"The best shopping is on Canal Street."

■"Your skirt is too short to ride a bike."

■"42nd Street is that way."

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