Thursday, August 11, 2011

Angels and Airwaves L)OVE

Angels and Airwaves did a one night live event with a concert and their movie premiere last night.
The premise of the event is pretty amazing. They premiered the movie simultaneously to 500 theatres in the US. After the movie Angels & Airwaves performed 3 songs (‘Everything’s Magic’, ‘The Adventure’, and ‘Start The Machine'), did a Q&A session about the movie and the 5 years it took to create it, and than premiered the bands new music video for 'Anxiety', a song off the new albun which is coming out 11.11.11.  I know Tom DeLonge is very in tune with technology and its impact on his art and their fans and this is a great example of a way for an artist to reach out direct by literally being in 500 theatres at once.
I've never been a huge AvA fan, but I think thats changed now. I really love the theme of humanity the LOVE movie touched on and listening to Tom talk made me realize how far he's come from fart jokes and his Boomer character (though I still love that too).

I'm looking forward to Novemeber.

You can find video of the songs and the new music video for Anxiety here.

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