Monday, August 8, 2011

Blink 182 at Jones Beach (Aug 7, 2010)

pic: Young Heezy's wifey
pic: Young Heezy
(pic: Young Heezy) Playing in the pouring rain
View from Backstage via Tom Delonge
View from Backstage via Tom Delonge
I finally found ONE photo where you can see the pouring rain!
'Travis Barker vs the rain at Jones Beach'

 Alexis and I enjoying the Nokia Theatres many time killing activities before the show.

AND, we got free sunglasses.

and some new tattoos!

I finally got some of the Bunny Toys I've been wanting to get my hands on forever.

The tickets said rain or shine and they sure did live up to that. 30 mins into the set, it was pouring rain! The venue is out doors and Alexis and I are old ladies so we were smart enough to grab seats under the auning so we didn't get a drop on us, but not everyone was that smart. Leaving the concert the pour soaking wet kids looked like savages from 'Lord of the Flies'. The rain during the set was amazing though. The harder they played, the harder it rained and was crazy and amazing to see.
More pics here, here, here and here.
Boomer/Macbeth video form the show.
I am so glad I made it out to the show. No matter how many times I see Mark, Tom and Travis it makes me feel frozen in time. As long as they are touring, I'm hitting their concerts.

I love you Blink 182.

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