Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Orleans!

My friend Chrissy is getting married and her bachelorette party was last weekend in New Orleans.
13 girls! It was a high energy, giggly bunch and a BLAST!
Rita and I flew in Friday night after a 3 hour delay at La Guardia over a little rain and headed straight to our hotel to freshen up and head for Bourbon St. It was NOT at all what I expected, but so much better. 
I think this beer was a SMALL. what the what?

Saturday was the only day all 13 of us were there at the same time, so our wonderful organizer Kasia, scheduled us for a Swamp Tour through Airboat Adventures. Our guide Chip was hilarious and even brought along his pet alligator Budweiser (that's his name, really).
Here's our group shot from our expedition that Chrissy sent out as a thank you note.

No alligators were harmed during this photo shoot.

Keeping it classy...
The swamp was beautiful.
Cafe Du Monde really is as delicious as people say it is!

Saturday evening we had dinner at the amazing Court of Two Sisters Restaurant.
It was delicious. Afterwards we headed back for some top secret bachelorette games and eventually headed out on the town. Bourbon St is like Fraternity Row. You can carry your drink anywhere you want so you end up wandering the street and bar hopping all over the place.

Sunday was much more easy going. I woke up a bit early and headed to mass at St. Louis Cathedral which is gorgeous! And afterwards did some shopping and wandering around before meeting up with the rest of the girls for some brunch.

The building that looks like the Magic kingdom from Disneyland is the Cathedral.
 We decided to check out the Garden District which is the area with the huge, southern mansions. And I found the gem I was looking for: The MTV Real World New Orleans house!
After wards we headed back to our hotel to dip into the pool and get dressed for a quick dinner and out New Orleans haunted Tour. BUT before doing any of that Monica and I headed out for cocktails; it was 4pm on a Sunday, better time than ever for a booze filled slushi.
jello shot syringe, grenade, baha breeze with shot of sex on the beach

I was told my EVERYONE that I had to have a grenade. Its a lime slushi with booze, but it comes with a little toy grenade, a pin and a looooooooong straw, so it must be worth it right? It tasted like what a hangover feels like. YUMMY!

We than headed out for our tour of Haunted New Orleans and I was terrified. 30 mins in I wanted to vomit and was holding everyones hand. (I'm not good with ghost stories). I'm glad we did the last night too, since if it was any earlier I probably wouldn't have been as much fun. I didn't sleep at all after this.
BEFORE while I was cool and collected and excited for some spooky tales...
Of course after our 2 hour walking tour we had all worked up an appetite so we headed to a delicious dinner at none other than one of the haunted restaurants on our tour, Muriel's. The food was great, our server Frederico was fantastic but Chrissy and I were too busy pounding wine to try to keep from crapping our pants that we were in a haunted house. Muriel's has befriended their ghost and even sets a table for Antoine every night. Its a great story. So check out the website.

After dinner we walked around for a bit, drank a bit and called it a night around 2am. Than 3 hours later I headed to the airport and headed to work. Monday was tough, but worth it!

It was an amazing weekend and exactly what I needed, a break from NYC with some fun girls!
My old friend Kasia who I haven't seen in like 5 years!!! I'm so glad we got to rekindle our sistership.

My super awesome roommate and buddy for the weekend Monica. I love this Jersey girl!

New Orleans is breathtaking. It feels like your in Disneyland since it all looks just as pretty as you thought it would. Even the swamp looks just like the ones you see in movies. I couldn't believe how amazing the city is and how nice all the people there are.
and lastly... GO SAINTS!


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