Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Other F Word

I went to a screening of 'The Other F Word' at the Film Forum last night with my friend Ryan. Mark Hoppus was the special guest and did a little Q&A afterwards to answer some questions about being a dad and being a rock star at the same time. The film itself is really great and really hit home about getting older, yet maintaining your interests from years and years ago.

This is the trailer for the film:

Ryan is amazing and scouted out 2 seats next to the 4 Reserved seats to I got to sit next to Kim from Matt & Kim, who were both very nice and let me take a pic with them.

Than the film played and afterwards Mark did his Q&A.
You can listen to it here.

And afterwards I finally got to meet him!

Dude, is super cool and super nice.

And about the film:
It is amazing!
Jim Lindberg, the lead singer of the band Pennywise wrote a book "Punk Rock Dad", and the idea for this film spawned off of that.

The documentary is based on punk rock dads and how their children have changed theirs lives. I really loved this film because the musicians portrayed in it: Jim Lindberg, Mark Hoppus, Fat Mike, Lars and Matt from Rancid, are all musicians I grew up listening to. When I started listening to them and going to shows in high school they hadn't had children yet and their music and the punk rock scene helped me become the person I am today and created the musical genre I love so much. Its interesting that in the 12 years since I started listening and seeing these guys I went from knowing them as rockers who have now morphed into dads with families and relationships and have grown up. I'm personally stuck in a little funk right now between adulthood and being a grown up and watching their struggles and seeing them adjust to their new responsibilities and kids really helped me to realize that everyone really does grow up. But we will always have the songs that make you feel like your 16 and have the whole world ahead of you. Fleas story to me was the most touching. He ran away from home at 12 and never had parents that truly loved and cared for him so his daughter Anna essentially saved his life. She gave him life.