Thursday, January 26, 2012

A fun Sunday....

The day started off great (and 16*), a few of us met up for brunch at Pulino's, where I was super excited to try the breakfast pizza. YUMMY! We started the meal off with coffee and their delicious almond croissants and than had our dishes. Such a great idea.

Joy's baked eggs
I need to try this 'Pork Slap' beer!

On our way to the next stop we noticed that Orchard was blocked off for some reason, and we decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous day and the big empty street by baptizing it with cart wheels.

This was also the day that I realized Joy and I are meant to be friends forever. I can pretty much get this girl to do anything, and that makes me love her the most.

Our next stop was the Krause Gallery for the super awesome 'Hanksy' exhibit. Hanksy is a Lower East Side street artist who's art mimics Banksy, the notorious London street artist, but with a Tom Hanks twist. Of course this perfectly summarizes my weird sense of humor, so I was all about it. I even bought a piece, which now makes me an art collector. How exciting! I'm almost a grown up! (I'll send pictures of what I bought after I pick it up)

Here are a few of the items on display at the gallery:

Tom Hanks even sent in a note.
Some other fun art at the gallery:
 This piece is made of cow's blood pressurized on Plexiglas.

I call this, the VMA, since it looks like the MTV Moonman Award.

Afterwards, we stopped by The Angelica Theatre to see The Artist, which needless to say, is an amazing film that everyone needs to go see. And headed home.

strangeness at the Angelica

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