Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Joy and I had the full intention of checking out Chinatown's Chinese New Year Parade, but we got there too late and missed it. We were super bummed. We ended up wandering around for a little bit, checking out the weird foods in the street grocery shops and avoiding all the little kids that were running rampant.
 And it was a gorgeous day. 
The aftermath....

This was some kind of almond croissant. It didn't taste bad, just weird. And it had some kind of semi sweet jelly inside and poppy seeds on top. But, it only cost $0.60 so I was ok with taking a bite and tossing it.

Joy took this pic of a wandering dragon. This is about as much celebration as we wittnessed.

I call this pictire "Squinty"

A pretty walk in LES

Stickers are not just for kids anymore.

Ninja Turtle Robots

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