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I'm a Wrtiter: "The Belt"

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Health & Beauty March 2012

The Belt!

By Anna Habrat
Beauty connoisseur
The belt is the most underused and underrated accessory in most women’s closet.
They hit a trend peak a few years ago and became a staple for a few smart women, while most sent them to the good will after their fashion run ended.
I’m here to tell you to pull it out of hibernation. They can help you look better whether you are a 2 or a 12, like me.
Belt a coat:
Are you wearing one of those giant shapeless puffy coats right now because it’s just barely above 10 degrees?
I know I have been for the last few months. They are awful and make me feel like a giant marshmallow. I had to wear one out to a fancy party last week and I decided to belt it.
It gave me a shape and it made my 4 inch heels not stand out too ridiculously.
I have also given coat belting a try with my shrunken boyfriend blazer.
This is great for either a meeting at work or a night out on the town.
I simply found a thinner belt, around 1-2 inches, buttoned one of the blazer’s buttons and put the belt right over it. I feel like it gives a little bit of polish to a work look or a little something extra to an average going out outfit.
Lastly, try a belt over your Fall or Spring wool coat. If your coat came with a belt, simply remove it and replace it was something fancier. Maybe even a sash!
And if your coat is fitting a little snug due to all those hot cocoa nights in or you’ve got a little bundle of joy due soon, you can keep wearing it lightly open with a scarf dangling down the middle with the belt holding it all together.
Belt a dress:
Layering is key right now as the weather is chilly and you need a few pieces on at a time to keep your body warm. Try wearing a button down shirt under your dressy shift with a belt over both pieces for a great office look. Or even throw a turtleneck neck under a sleeveless dress with a belt to keep warm, look pulled together and keep everyone guessing.
We all love those great summer dresses that we box up and throw in storage during the winter months, but pull one out, put a cardigan over it and a colorful belt with some tights, and you’ve got a fun alternative to a basic look.
And you’ll get more bang for your clothing allowance buck. Who doesn’t love that?
If you’ve lost some weight or have some cute maternity clothes you don’t want to give up (Congrats!), a belt at the waist, or right under your bust, is a great way to keep wearing those pieces you really love, but don’t want to part with right away.
Belt your separates:
Tuck in a cute top to your skirt or favorite pair of jeans or slacks and seal it with a belt. Companies are making more and more faux tuck in bodysuits that help keep things tidy, and I highly recommend them.
Also, wearing anything tucked in makes you look more responsible, or at least I like to think so. So wear that pencil skirt with the top tucked in with a matching jacket and a belt over the whole get up. You’ll be dressed to impress with a little bit of interest.
On the flip side, keep it loose and messy and go for a more belted bohemian vibe. A great chambray shirt will look cute over a dressier skirt untucked with a belt holding the look together.
Sometimes the best way to look polished is to be a bit disheveled.
Belt whatever it is you’re wearing right now. I bet you can easily find a way to make it more interesting. Go ahead! Look in a mirror and give it a try.
Wearing a new accessory will give other women a reason to stop and give you a compliment, as I have received numerous times on the subway over my huge puffy coat.
And as an added bonus, I bet the man in your life will suddenly notice that cute waist you’ve been hiding under all those ill-fitting pieces you wear.
Fun tip
Wear the belt clasp to the back or the side for something a little bit surprising.
Health tip
Being more conscious of your waist line in a belt will help you stop from overindulging. It’s a mental reminder around your belly of its size, and physically, who wants to put another hole in that belt to make it fit?

Anna Habrat is the everywoman. She has studied fashion for the last 10 years and is currently working for a small manufacteurer in New York City. Although living in the Big Apple, her roots are in Southern California, which gives her a fun juxtaposition of being laid back yet highly intuitive in what women REALLY wear. She’s also currently in Cosmotology school to be able to style the full package. Email her with any comments, complaints or questions at 

photo courtesy of : Joy Richardson

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