Monday, April 9, 2012

My advice to future AMM Grads.....

Anna Habrat (Class of 2005)

Anna is a Production Assistant/Brand Manager at Two of Us, a manufacturer of retail private label products in New York.

Anna finds that the education she gained through her degree helps her everyday. Although she completed the Fashion Retail Option, the extensive technical knowledge she obtained within the program enabled her to ‘change lanes' and work on the production side.

Anna's advice to current and prospective students is to:
"Never miss an opportunity to learn and to network. It will pay dividends later. Go to museum exhibits on fashion. Keep taking classes and workshops and read all or as many fashion publications as you can, such as Women's Wear Daily and California Apparel News. Stay in touch with the current fashion climate. You never stop learning! You always need to be able to hold your own about what is current in a conversation with people in the industry."

Her advice to graduates entering in the field is to network, be patient and work hard.

 "You are going to have to prove yourself before you get to do the really cool stuff."

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