Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I FINALLY went to Calgary to visit Ewka and her husband Noah for ther first time a few weeks ago. Calgary is beutifull and I can see why she is so happy there, but of course I wish we could all find some random middle ground to live close by and see eachother more often. I havent seen her in like 3 years and from the second she picked me up from the airport if felt like we had hung out yesterday. Thats what I love about us. She was a wonderfull tour guide for my 3 day weekend, and I'm so glad I like Noah; now i can call off my plan to kidnapp her and bring her back to the USA.

'Circling' at the Dallas Airport (layover)

what else to do on a layover?

'Poutine' at Costco. Apparently the best around. Ewka's tried it everywhere.


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Ewa said...

few months late.. but love it. it was great having you out here for a visit.. you should come again.. we got some SERIOUS SNOW over night. Yippy Canada. :(