Friday, August 24, 2012

Dia: Beacon & Cold Spring

I have been itching to get out of NYC for a weekend for a little bit now. I really do feel stuck and claustrophobic every once in a while and need to see some nature and get out of that 'in a rush feel'. I googled the hell out of 'NYC day trips' and stumbled upon these two amazing places about an hour train ride from Grand Central. Melissa and Matt (her BF) came with me for the day and we had an amazing Saturday!  

The first stop was the Dia: Beacon.
Here is the description from the website: Dia:Beacon, Riggio Galleries houses Dia Art Foundation's renowned collection of art from the 1960s to the present. The museum, which occupies a former Nabisco printing factory, features installations of works by some of the most significant artists of the last half century, as well as special exhibitions, new commissions, and public and education programs.
Pictures are not allowed but I did my best to snap a few:

The space is amazing and HUGE. It's in an old Nabisco factory which is cool just to walk through and most/all of the art(?) is quite large which is super fun. In one of the rooms we really did feel small walking around these giant huge cylinder structures. After about two hours of walking through yarn, lights and giant holes in the ground, (and this gorgeous garden pictured below with the weirdest soundtrack ever) we decided to head one stop down to Cold Spring. 

M&M walking back to the Beacon Metro North Station

We hit up the All American Town of Cold Spring next, which was amazing.
We had lunch at the 'Cold Spring Depot' which is the building of the old train station and even got the scoop on the 'Depot Ghost' from our super nice waiter. We than took a nice walk up to 'Little Stony Point' and see the beach on the Hudson where people were taking advange of the gorgeous day with BBQs and boats. Afterwards we walked back to town, had some home made ice cream and called it a day. I got home relaxed and renewed. Its amazing what a small town's vibe can do for my psyche.

Cold Spirng Metro North Station

There were LOTs of antique shops

tunnel from Main St to Hudson River waterfront

This is were George Washington drank from the water and declared "This is one cold spring", hence the name of the town was born.

We took a nice little walk to see some beaches on the Hudson River

Antique shops are WEIRD! 

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