Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coney Island

I am obsessed with Coney Island. I have been since I moved here. I love that it has the oldest roller coaster, one of the first ferris wheels and the feel of Americana everywhere.
So when I found some girls that wanted to go hang out and enjoy it with me I was all over it!


Opened in 1927!


The Girls (about to barf...)

Now, I'm not afraid of heights. But it was a windy day and when they got down from the swings, they all look a little shook up! Apparently the wind at that height was terrifying!
Cutest thing ever!!!!


My dad is a huge fan of their work....

The Wonder Wheel!
The Story on Deno:
"Deno often told his wife Luna, that one day he would buy her the Wonder Wheel for her as a wedding present - a ring so big, everyone in the world would see how much he loved her - a ring that would never be lost."



If the wheel looks a bit familiar there is a full size replica at Disneyland.  

Freak Show and Bumper Cars with some fun advertising.
Nathan's Famous Fun Fact:


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